Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Who would have thought?

It is amazing how things work out. I often told myself that I would never be stay at home mom. I could not see myself in that field. I figured that I would pop out the basic number of children for my husband and continue my life as that career woman. That career woman that would not allow anyone to keep me down. I could not understand why in the world someone would want to stay home on purpose. Why? I mean for real, women did that? "Not me" I would tell my friends while laughing. I always knew that I would be big and successful. That was the only way to be happy right? Well of course!! I am sure you are waiting for my awesome epiphany right about now. Well, not going to happen. There is a bit more to this story. Here's how it went. 
I was the basic high graduate that knew my life would not be complete unless I married my boyfriend that I had dated since the 10th grade. So we were married and only my mom knew about it. The other half were not that fond about me. We went into the military together which was quite interesting. Long story short..we tried for four years to have children, finally got pregnant and with twins, they came very early and did not make it. After them we had two boys that were two years apart. Almost got divorced twice. Decided that I no longer wanted to be dual military while also being a mom and got out of the military. Got a good job and then my dream career..which is where I left you at. 
So, here we are. I am super happy with my career and doing very well, I might add. When in comes my husband telling me that he got orders to some place in Texas no one really heard of. Wichita Falls. I was from Houston and I never heard of this place until I went there to join my husband for his technical school some 10 years before. All I remember was that it was boring, horrible and incredibly small. You know, I am not sure if there was even a Wal-Mart there back then. These orders prompted the final decision of a divorce. He went to Wichita Falls and I went back to Houston. I just knew that my decision was much better. In the big city with a new job. All was good with me. Or at least I thought. I knew I was wrong. Then to make matters worse was during that time in Houston, we were hit by Hurricane Ike. It rocked Houston and was very bad. I could not believe that I was so selfish. To make things even better my husband allowed GOD to change his life. Something that I truly wanted but could never admit to him. 
 So, here I was. Knowing that I was selfish in a house without any power. My husband changing his life for us and I still treating him like garbage. It was like that part in the movie "The Emperor's New Groove" where Emperor Kuzco was in the middle of the jungle being rained on. ( Okay, I know. I was thinking of adult movies but I just could not think of one as fast.) 
Okay, so now we get to my epiphany. I realized that doing things my way...well was not really the greatest for anyone. My husband allowed GOD to be in his life and since then our family completely changed. We had another son. That's right I was blessed with a household full of men. We have three children in heaven and three children with us. Slowly, I started realizing something. I realized that the same passion I had while working for others, I had for my family. I just never slowed down enough to see it. 
Who would have thought, that a career obsessed woman could actually be a stay at home mom to three boys, homeschool mother, full time student, take care of a rental property and be a very happy wife to an Air Force Active Duty husband (which has it own ordeals).  It is absolutely amazing how things work out. I often told myself that I would never be stay at home mom. I could not see myself in that field. 
--simply put
That mom down the street :)